Enduring Power of Attorney

Enduring Powers of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a document which appoints an 'Attorney' to manage your property and financial affairs in the event that you lack the capacity to do these things yourself.

An appointed Attorney can be anyone you know, but it advisable that this always be someone you trust – such as a close friend or family member. This person would have the legal authority to do anything on your behalf that you would ordinarily be able to do. This includes entering into contracts, buying or selling property, depositing or withdrawing money from your accounts, or managing your investments.

A standard Enduring Power of Attorney is a relatively simple but essential document, and as such we provide these to all of our wills clients at no additional charge.

We also prepare 'Limited' or 'Special' Powers of Attorney for situations where you need someone to act on your behalf in a temporary or 'one off' capacity. This would include situations where you are required to sign legal documents, or sell property while away on an extended holiday. In such a circumstance, you can appoint someone to act on your behalf only for your specified purpose.