Seller's Checklist

Selling A House 

  • Work with a Realtor you trust to determine a fair market price, commission agreement, marketing strategy and duration of listing
  •  After your decision to sell your home, locate your Real Property Report (RPR). 
    • Can’t find your RPR? Never received one when you purchased your home? Have you made changes to the outside of your home, including building fences, sheds, patios, hot tubs, garages or any other external structures? 
    • We can assist in arranging for new Real Property Report and Compliance Certificate!
  • After final acceptance (removal of conditions by the Buyer), have your Realtor deliver a copy of the accepted Offer to Purchase to your lawyer
  • Your lawyer will contact you approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the possession date to make an appointment to complete the sale documents. 
  • At your appointment with your lawyer, you will need: 
    • Your RPR 
    • 2 pieces of identification including one government issued photo identification 
    • A Void cheque if you wish your sale proceeds to be deposited directly into your account 
  • Your lawyer will deduct your Realtor’s fees and selling costs from the proceeds of the sale. 
  • On the date of possession, your lawyer will receive the sale proceeds in trust from the Buyer’s lawyer and will tell your realtor to release the keys to the Buyers by 12 noon.